Ben Vane

Another great sunny day (is this the summer?) today! Headed up to Inveruglas with Jo on my first longish drive in the car… first time getting up to 60mph! Was ok until we hit the windy road around Loch Lomond, didn't really enjoy that. Still getting used to driving, sometimes feels really weird. Got to Inveruglas at about 9, lots of people milling about. putting on jackets, packing bags etc Overheard a guy talking to his mate saying that they were gonna do all the Arrochar Alps and then head over and do Ben Lomond. In one day. Either they were superfit, had printed their maps at the wrong scale or were talking shite…. i think it was the third option.

We made good time up the path past the power station and turned off on the route to Ben Vane which follows the path to Succoth via Glen Loin. I was going to do this when i climbed Ben Ime by coming down via Ben Vane. Sooo glad i didn't do it. i would have been a wreck at the end of it.

Headed up the boggy, soon to be very steep path with a big convoy of people ahead of us. I dont expect to have the hills to myself, but i do like a bit of solitude! Its  a steep hill Ben Vane and i was relieved to have a wee rest at the cave. Jo was doin really well considering she hasn't done a munro for years…she wasn't even out of breath. But then she doesn't smoke.

We eventually caught up with the convoy and overtook them just before the wee scrambly bit. They ended up all following us and i managed to lead them up the difficult bit…. oops. There were quite a few false summits so the summit was a relief. Great views all around, Ben Nevis prominent on the northern horizon looking like a dusty whale. We sat around eating lunch for an hour, my mouth on fire with far too much horseradish sauce on my roast beef sandwich!

ben vane0

View back to Ben Lomond

ben vane1


The way down wasn't that great, don't particularly like steep descents, but it was over pretty quickly. Feeling fitter after every trip now, getting a real buzz off it as well. It helps that all my climbs have been in decent weather, not too sure if i can be arsed climbing these hills if there isnt a view.