Harris in the Summer

I’ve not been to Harris in the summer for a while. The last time our tent blew down during the night, was totally wrecked and resulted in an undignified retreat to the ferry. 

This time it was a bit different. An area of high pressure had sat on Scotland for about a week, providing an actual heatwave. It was magic. It was a proper summer. It was 32 degrees in Glasgow. 

We had to go to Harris! 

And so we did. We drove up to Skye and into autumn. Gradually the weather got worse. A wee bit of haze. A cloud. Darker cloud. Can't see the mountain tops anymore. Spots of rain. Drizzle. Shit, this is cold. I’ve not brought a jacket....Ah well. It’ll be an experience. 

Dinner at The Three Chimneys (fantastic) and a snooze in the lay-by above Uig (miserable). Then it was on the ferry to Harris. The summer was back! It was hot. At 7 in the morning! 

The rest of the week was absolutely brilliant.