Clashach Cove

Last month I made a trip up north to the Cairngorms and the Moray Coast and visited a place I’ve been meaning to go to for a while - Clashach Cove (AKA Cove Bay or Primrose Bay).

Geologically this is a fascinating area - the sandstone here was formed 250 million years ago in a very different environment. The rocks we see today were originally sand dunes located 20° north of the Equator in an arid climate. Now shifted half-way across the globe to a northern latitude on a wind and wave scoured coast, they have been formed into smooth ripple-like surfaces over which multicoloured pebbles are scattered. There are tunnels and caves, archways and cliffs and of course a fantastic sandy beach which looks north to the hills of Caithness.

It’s a really interesting stretch of coastline and I wish I’d had more than one evening here.

Douglas Griffin and Jim Robertson have produced some really nice work here - do check out their websites.