One Day in The Highlands

After a fitful sleep (don’t look at twitter before bed - you might find out the manager of your football team has resigned) I didn't really fancy getting up at 5am for a trip to the Highlands. I'm glad I did though, it was a cracking day. Loch Creran was my first stop, where I had planned to re-shoot the view up the loch to (hopefully) snow-capped mountains. It didn't disappoint, a lovely quiet dawn with the clouds scudding towards me made for idea long exposure conditions. While the camera was doing its thing I wandered about the shoreline looking for details.

The wind rose and soon the loch was corrugated with waves, so I headed to the coast, stopping off at various spots to take in the views across Loch Linhe to Morvern. It was one of those days where the highlands look ridiculously good. Picture postcard stunning. So good, you almost forget the ecological desert you are looking at, the tax-dodge mono-culture forestry, the absentee landlords, the bulldozed scars on the hillsides, the useless sheep, the starving deer and the total lack of people. It just looks so....nice. 

The afternoon was spent wandering about the wooded shores of Loch Leven, finding abandoned mausoleums, unearthing strange time capsules and buying a really powerful lighter. Essentially being a photographer is like being a kid again. I pretend I’m being serious when I go out all day…I’m not. I’m basically just playing. 

As the sun began to lower I headed back through Glen Coe, walking alongside partially frozen watercourses, and watching, transfixed, as sidelight illuminated the spindrift pouring down the sides of Buachaille Etive Mor. It was quite a sight. The rest of the evening was fairly quiet. Except for a nuclear sunset over Loch Tulla.