Rannoch Moor

Heading up to Glencoe this morning I didn’t have high hopes for a great day of photography and I wasn't even feeling up for doing much at all. I was knackered, but I was on the road and thought I’d take a look around and maybe just go for a wander. Pulling into a lay-by on Rannoch Moor it was still pitch black - I'd arrived far too early. I could see other photographers huddled in their cars waiting for the sunrise and for some reason I just couldn’t be arsed with it all. It was cold, I couldn’t snooze because the lights of the approaching cars woke me up and I had the feeling that I should just head back home and jump into bed. But I didn’t, I drove on to Glencoe and pulled into the car park of the Kingshouse Hotel instead. Waking up about 20 minutes later, a vague light in the sky to the east seemed to be announcing a weak sunrise. I decided to drive home via Rannoch Moor and see if it came to something. It didn’t. It disappeared and was just cold, flat and grey.

However, I decided to have a walk and see the frozen lochans. 

That’s when sunrise happened! If you don’t like pink sunrises look away now. And yes - it did look like this.