Image of the Month - March 2014

March wasn't the best month for me, both photographically and in general. Poor weather, and too much stress and car troubles meant that I didn't get out much with the camera or really have the energy, inclination or inspiration for making images. 

However, this all changed when my partner Jo and I arrived on Harris. It's one of our favourite places, and is the perfect escape from the city. I can almost feel a weight lift off my shoulders as the ferry pulls into Tarbert. It's a wild place, an otherworldly and ancient landscape shaped by the sea. It feels elemental, on the edge of Europe, the last land before Nova Scotia. It is an island of contrasts, a rugged lunar landscape along the Golden Road to the south of the Island and a sublime series of impossibly white sandy beaches strung out along the northwest coast. 

This image was made on our first morning on Harris. We were staying in Seilebost, in a fantastic house which looked across the white sands of Seilebost and Luskentyre beaches. This was on Seilebost beach looking north towards the North Harris hills. The morning was lovely and dry, no epic fiery sunrise just a gradual brightening of the sky. There was a strange haze in the air, either from the burning of the heather or maybe from the Saharan dust which had been dragged north over Britain - it made photography a wee bit tricky, but i'm pleased how this turned out. The haze seems to lend a peaceful atmosphere to the picture, and it says a lot about how I felt on that day.

Like I'd just taken a deep breath and relaxed.