Image of the Month - January 2014

I've decided to do an image of the month blog post. Every month I will pick a favourite image which I've made in the preceding month. Not the most complicated concept... but it's tricky in some ways - hopefully it will help me to be more selective/critical of my work. 

This image was made in the first week in January on a weekend trip with my partner Jo to the island of Lismore where we were staying with our friends Nick and Jess. Wandering along the west coast of the island, we made our way through bogs and mud, along pebble beaches and up over hillocks, the views opening up to reveal the rugged coastlines of Morvern and Mull. It was a wild day, snow storms were racing up Loch Linnhe and the light was changing quickly. 

I was convinced that we were looking at a castle on the southern tip of Lismore, it was only when I looked at it on screen that I realised it was Castle Duart on Mull! At the time I'd envisioned this as a panoramic crop or as a stitched panorama with more frames to the right, but the square seemed to work better. Sometimes less is more.

It's noisy and it isn't pin sharp...but I don't care - it's got drama. I could have taken the time to set up the tripod but the light didn't last long. Better to have an imperfect image than not having one at all!