Woodland Wanderings

Dumfries House Woodland

I was down at Dumfries House for the fireworks on Saturday and had a soaking wet wander through the woods beforehand. My partners brother is artist in residence there - it's a great place - some lovely mature woodland and still a bit of colour left in the trees despite the rain and wind we've had recently. Unfortunately the weather was terrible and we decided to watch the football before venturing out so I didn't have much time before the light disappeared. These are a few shots made between wiping rain off the lens.

The rain didn't go off for the fireworks which was a shame but it was still a good show. I made a few very high ISO handheld images of the huge trees which were uplit for the evening. I don't tend to do any black and white images but I may experiment with it in the future. It definitely forces you to be more reliant on form and composition.   

Today I went up to Pollok Park to explore the woodland. It must be quite sheltered as there was still a lot of autumn colour on show. I made a few images in the woodland and then had a walk along the White Cart Water as the light was fading. I'm considering doing a project on Pollok Park, there is a lot to photograph here and it would be nice to photograph it in all seasons. A lot of photographers who I admire produce great work in their local area, visiting the same spot again and again. This helps to get under the skin of a location and understand it, something which translates into the final images. I'm keen to move away from the days when I'd spend all day in the car racing from one place to another. Whilst this method is fun in some ways, it's not exactly good for the environment or for creativity. To create an interesting image from a stunning landscape isn't that challenging in some ways - once you've mastered the basics of operating a camera and the alarm clock all you have to do is get lucky with the weather and point your machinery at the scenery. Images like these in this blog may not be to everyone's taste (too messy I think) but I find them more satisfying than many of my "big" landscapes. The subtleties of foliage, colour and form appeal to me, as does working with the light outwith the traditional golden hour.