Getty Images

I’ve been a Getty Images contributor for a while now. They contacted me through Flickr and asked to license a number of my images so I gave it a go. I wasn’t too keen on being limited to what I could and couldn’t do with the images which they had licensed, so I only gave them a few. Basically the images which I'm not too “precious” about! One of them was this shot of Tobermory harbour. I noticed a few weeks back that it had been sold to News International (Booo!) for the princely sum of £4.90 back in April. Today I noticed a fellow photographer (Ian Lewis) on twitter talking about finding one of his images which had been licensed online so I had a wee search to see where mine had ended up.

Well, it turns out it was used (albeit badly cropped) in The Sunday Times in an article about the best places to live in Britain. This was very nice to see, especially as out of the thousands of pictures of Tobermory they picked mine!